Falling in love. The Evolution.

Falling in love has changed evolutionarily. Biblically, it started from when God created man a woman and since they were only two roaming the only garden in the universe, it was just inevitable. God was the middle man as well. Very inevitable. Not to mention that the woman actually came from the rib of man. … Continue reading Falling in love. The Evolution.

Love. The Feeling That Killed Him!

Like a defeated lion, like a stalking shadow, he walked on the dimly lit streets. His head hunched into the upturned collar of the coat that donned him. He was not like its owner. It is like it wore him. Dr. Strange. He bent forward and forged his way into the wind that was blowing … Continue reading Love. The Feeling That Killed Him!

A kissing taboo in Africa?

Lemme talk about kissing. Something we have all done. It is one of the first indicators that a relationship you have been chasing to get in is starting take shape and one of the best moments in a relationship especially during the wonderful moment of sex. However, I am confused about its origin especially in … Continue reading A kissing taboo in Africa?