The Cost Of Our Pride

One of the reasons some people have continued to go deeper into the world of uncertainty & unhappiness is because of their pride to change back to the right course from the poor decisions made. We're all not perfect, it's a sinners’ anthem but it doesn't mean we can't help others from not falling. Someone … Continue reading The Cost Of Our Pride

He’s Always There!

For at some moments when we seem to be champions at what we've been weaving. The plans we've been executing. The hopes we've been holding, seeds we’ve been sowing, Misfortunes may befall us & all will seem hopeless & us, helpless. But unseen before and among us, deeply rooted like a fortress, a soft spot … Continue reading He’s Always There!

Stop Falsely Leading People On

It's evil lying to someone that you love them when you don't. You’re tying them down. Limiting their chances of being with someone who would actually deserve their love. And give them as great a love in return. Fake love is hard to hide as eventually the truth suffices & you don't know how terrible … Continue reading Stop Falsely Leading People On

Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

By the time the emcee drops the mic, gets down on the floor and executes some killer dance moves then you definitely know things are on fire. With the crowd going gaga and swarming the stage with every move Jora Mc pulled, it was evident that the annual Break-Fast Jam finals that were held at … Continue reading Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

Following The Crowd. A Disappointment To Self-Worth (Family Edition)

Marriage is one of the most interesting aspects of a relationship. I mean, the final confirmation that that person is now your personal person legally & when you bring in child bearing it even becomes more important, dramatic, critical & complicated. A life line for the family, clan, tribe, country, humanity. A battle of live … Continue reading Following The Crowd. A Disappointment To Self-Worth (Family Edition)