Complement Each Other. Part 2 (Women & Money)

Some ideologies have kept some people in certain unpleasant situations because they've refused to bend & adjust to the changing times. To the times that now everyone is highly responsible for their happiness. Other people coming in are just complimentary. Ideologies like "men must always provide" have kept many females in single mother situations or … Continue reading Complement Each Other. Part 2 (Women & Money)

On Provision In A Relationship

It is always a heated topic between both genders concerning money & how it should be handled. In many societies & relationships, the woman expects the man to foot everything financial. & so in most cases, one of the leading causes of relationship failures is financial understanding (or the lack of it) –provide what. Views … Continue reading On Provision In A Relationship

Why Would You Even Hate Social Media PDA?

Google image It is always a good moment of love to me. Seeing that there are people celebrating love despite all this chaos going on around us. Today, browsing through my news feeds, I am loving watching couples post away, deep in love. Eating out, having a great outdoors, hanging with friends, movies, goofing or … Continue reading Why Would You Even Hate Social Media PDA?

Why Society Loves To Hate Slay Queens. Literary.

I would like to assume that by now, everyone knows who a slayer is. Particularly, a slay queen. But for a few of those who have been living in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, slayers are the latest kind of people who are living life in the fast lane. They walk around with the coolest gadgets, … Continue reading Why Society Loves To Hate Slay Queens. Literary.

Pimp Your Bae

There was this incident when Bebecool. Munene munene. Bba wa Zuena. Her knicker merchant, just when he'd started off on a good mark in like over a decade, killed it somewhere. Again. This war, started by fans was just too hard for either Bebe or Bobi to ignore. Much as Bobi Wine winning the parliamentary … Continue reading Pimp Your Bae