We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We should learn to forgive. Forgetting may be hard but at least forgiving may be lenient thus we can try. Some people may repeatedly hurt us, do things that push against the wall or fail to change their ways for the better but we can try to forgive them. We can try to be that … Continue reading We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We Ain’t No More!

You don't deserve my love, for you don't deserve my heart. Because that's where my love comes. A very sacred place. You played with my feelings. My feelings you turned into your play park. When I had gotten so excited & put my feelings in it. Into us. We. Hoping for the best of what … Continue reading We Ain’t No More!

To The Man I Replaced

In this world where it is difficult for man to find a woman who truly loves & settles down with him, I know the pain man goes through when after he’s found ‘the one’ sadly wakes up one day & that love is ended.  When ‘the one’ has Usain bolted away especially if not by … Continue reading To The Man I Replaced

The Realist of Your Relationship

Being in love is one thing. You can exchange gifts, hangout, text, smash, post about each other and call at any time but the realist of your relationship is when things start going down south and life shifts from being that soft, bed of roses to a world war of hearts. When people start intruding … Continue reading The Realist of Your Relationship

The Baby I Never Had

Oh sweetheart. God bless its heart. The sweet angel that never was. The baby I never had. A Hercules of a son; athletic, talented, Intelligent. Super handsome. Put in a pinch of a lil bit crazy. Minion. Some mother & father looks, a beautiful boy. A son of moral Christian reasoning. Well, his name would … Continue reading The Baby I Never Had