Getting Hot

Baby let's get it on. Taking everything slow. Your clothes off, drop them on to the floor. Everything in slow motion. My body on yours. Yours on mine. Legs locked, arms moving. We get in line. Touching you in awkward places. Filling your body with kisses. Temperature rising, our sheets are the wettest. Triple sweat … Continue reading Getting Hot

‘To Send Her Transport Or Not?’. That Is The Question.

In a basic setting, prostitution is when someone offers sex for something else in return, usually money. Love & emotions are rarely involved. Some societies even call them escorts though the latter are more advanced & professional in the act. We’ve been hit recently, by a social media debate about something that has been going … Continue reading ‘To Send Her Transport Or Not?’. That Is The Question.

On Girls Sending Nudes

I see people asking why girls send nudes whenever a nude leaks scandal comes up. But hardly is any one asking why do guys leak the nudes & that's where I have the problem. Incriminating the girls than the guys. Girls will send the nudes to a guy usually the boyfriend because of love. Because … Continue reading On Girls Sending Nudes