No Man Is An Island. Talk To Someone.

There's a time I shared an article about how important it is for people to make their own decisions. The freedom it came with. The level of Independence & power it wielded & oh boy did people feel elevated. It clearly showed what people want. The ability to make their own rules & stand on … Continue reading No Man Is An Island. Talk To Someone.

Let It Be About You

It takes a great deal of self-study and self-motivation to understand yourself and not from others' point of view. To put yourself first and realize that you matter, firstly, to your own self. To realize that every inch of your life depends on what decision you get from what others say or do to you … Continue reading Let It Be About You

We Ain’t No More.

You don't deserve my love, for you don't deserve my heart. Because that's where my love comes. A very sacred place. You played with my feelings. My feelings you turned into your play park. When I had gotten so excited & put my feelings in it. Into us. We. Hoping for the best of what … Continue reading We Ain’t No More.