Arguments In Relationships

Google image Arguments are a hell in a relationship & they, if not correctly resolved may end up separating the two. Obviously. They have always stressed that once someone stops arguing with you in a bid to correct you in a relationship then it’s high time you realize that things are going down south. It’s … Continue reading Arguments In Relationships

On Stealing A Partner; Who To Go For.

On the news and or media we have all heard or kept seeing/hearing people fighting, killing and or arresting others on grounds that they stole/ dated/ wooed their partners away. Whatever you may want to call it. That slowly by slowly, they saw the people they once held dear in their hearts and who had … Continue reading On Stealing A Partner; Who To Go For.

Our Time

Quality time with your partner is best spent where both of you are comfortable. However, it may vary according to what you two are going through. Sometimes you may need to spend it as two in order to have & build a more intimate, personal connection & mend all that's breaking if you're facing a … Continue reading Our Time

Of Jay Z Cheating On Beyoncé

One of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry. An entertainment goddess. She has been on many a guy's mind as a super crush. If she decided to offer her things for free to all and any man around the world, I am sure the waiting line of men would go round the world … Continue reading Of Jay Z Cheating On Beyoncé

His Wife. A Dream That Never Came.

She rose, whenever, before his eyes, like the rising sun from the East. And whenever she lay down, her body was a captivating landscape of human morphology. She gave him hope, like any new bright morning does. She was flawed, well, like anyone else but those he ignored for his love for her came from … Continue reading His Wife. A Dream That Never Came.