Shadray’s Top 5 Life Hacks

In life, everyone is trying out the next, nearest or easiest thing to make it through. Some go legit and others are living by the “fake it till you make it” code. As long as they get to their goals. But on your way in trying to get there, there are a number of factors … Continue reading Shadray’s Top 5 Life Hacks

We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We should learn to forgive. Forgetting may be hard but at least forgiving may be lenient thus we can try. Some people may repeatedly hurt us, do things that push against the wall or fail to change their ways for the better but we can try to forgive them. We can try to be that … Continue reading We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

He’s Always There!

For at some moments when we seem to be champions at what we've been weaving. The plans we've been executing. The hopes we've been holding, seeds we’ve been sowing, Misfortunes may befall us & all will seem hopeless & us, helpless. But unseen before and among us, deeply rooted like a fortress, a soft spot … Continue reading He’s Always There!