To The Woman Who Mothered A Kingdom.

Aunt Harriet (RIP) Is it possible to lose a parent in parts? If it is then I just did. It’s part one. (June 14, 2021) I was born to a young couple that barely had any idea of parenting. When things got heated for them, they ‘left’ me at my paternal grandmother’s home. A housewife … Continue reading To The Woman Who Mothered A Kingdom.

The Baby I Never Had

Oh sweetheart. God bless its heart. The sweet angel that never was. The baby I never had. A Hercules of a son; athletic, talented, Intelligent. Super handsome. Put in a pinch of a lil bit crazy. Minion. Some mother & father looks, a beautiful boy. A son of moral Christian reasoning. Well, his name would … Continue reading The Baby I Never Had

Scream & Drain My Pain

I want to run, to fly to go to the mountain top & scream. And vent. And break all the trees. Blow away the clouds. Smash the rocks. Kyanja Hill. I want to stand in this rain & scream my lungs out. Hug the air. Chase the wind. Trap the drops before they hit the … Continue reading Scream & Drain My Pain

Falling Out Of Love… It’s Not The End.

He had a weakness. It was love. It was a kind of love that when given it would be so deep, so true, so real it couldn't just fade away like that. Love. His kind of love. Different. Then he met a girl. He gave her his greatest weakness. Love. He loved her through & … Continue reading Falling Out Of Love… It’s Not The End.

Social Media, A Wall To Talk To?

Her social media has always been filled with love posts. If she wasn’t posting of how beautiful love and life were, she would be busy posting about her man and everything they would be doing and as usual, like for almost every couple, there will be people ready to comment the “Awwwww how cute you … Continue reading Social Media, A Wall To Talk To?