The Perfect Wedding

In a packed but quiet church, the guests all sat looking immaculately spick and span. The groom stood facing the altar on which stood the clergy, eagerly waiting to join the two love birds to eternity. Matrimony. As the organist played the piano, it felt like the heavens were going to come down today. It … Continue reading The Perfect Wedding

The Love Letter

Before the advent of over as many social media apps. Before people became mad at being left at seen & blue ticks and spending their days talking on walls and dealing with all the drama that comes with sliding into DMs, there was something called Love Letters. I know so many of the current young … Continue reading The Love Letter

Following The Crowd. A Disappointment To Self-Worth (Family Edition)

Marriage is one of the most interesting aspects of a relationship. I mean, the final confirmation that that person is now your personal person legally & when you bring in child bearing it even becomes more important, dramatic, critical & complicated. A life line for the family, clan, tribe, country, humanity. A battle of live … Continue reading Following The Crowd. A Disappointment To Self-Worth (Family Edition)