Ugandan Artists Vs International Acts

Sometime back, in the ever happening capital of East Africa, Kampala, there was an uproar by some local artists against KCCA, the body governing the capital, after it emerged that KCCA had paid about 165 million to Diamond Platnumz, a top Tanzanian artist for the now defunct KCCA festival. 165 million of the tax payers’ … Continue reading Ugandan Artists Vs International Acts

VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Gender based violence is one of the worst but silent monsters plaguing the globe. From sexual, violent and psychological abuses, this vice is going on hardly abated through all cross sections and levels of society. The entertainment industry and social media haven’t helped lessen the situation either at all. This is partly due to the … Continue reading VOICES\\ Dance Adventure Studio

Memories and Feelings

Written in my head are stories of memories. With words I can’t form. Sentences I can’t build. Stories I can’t explain. Feelings I can’t expose nor express. Jumbled. Memories I am confused about. Whether to open them up again or close them forever. Shut out love altogether. Mayhem. Love, I am afraid to give. Because … Continue reading Memories and Feelings

Pimp Your Bae

There was this incident when Bebecool. Munene munene. Bba wa Zuena. Her knicker merchant, just when he'd started off on a good mark in like over a decade, killed it somewhere. Again. This war, started by fans was just too hard for either Bebe or Bobi to ignore. Much as Bobi Wine winning the parliamentary … Continue reading Pimp Your Bae

Me and Writing (The Beginning).

Writing is one of my hobbies that started in the early 2000’s with what was meant to be a song. However, a friend of mine read it and thought it was a great poem and thus decided to send it to a girl in the next class. The canes we were served thereafter were much … Continue reading Me and Writing (The Beginning).