Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.

Old age. A point in life where many people want to reach. If God only grants them that chance. It's however on another side, a life not so sweet. It is like living life on the death row. Every day that passes by is like coming closer to the day of mortality. The magnitude of … Continue reading Old Age & Death, A Desired Gloom.

Man Eateth Where He Investeth. Communism Ended, In Came Capitalism

So many girls these days have asked, “Is there any guy that can take you out or give you money without asking for sex?” It is a very common question and provides the backbone for today’s article. Yes, we are there, we are the least in today’s world. In fact, you may need a microscope … Continue reading Man Eateth Where He Investeth. Communism Ended, In Came Capitalism

Live Your Life!

We are all created different. In taste, behavior, thinking etc. That is what makes us beautiful and so our life as well. That is what attracts other people to us. To enjoy our uniqueness. To feel the freedom that comes with how different the other person is. There are however moments when that beauty is … Continue reading Live Your Life!

I Want To Go On A Date.

I want to go on a date. With someone incredible. Not the hulk. Nedda. Someone with whom we can laugh. No, wait. Where we can eat. Plus laugh. Yes, eat and laugh so hard we choke on our laughter. Where we're both morons in perfect comfort with each other. Going geeky and cheeky. Lose ourselves … Continue reading I Want To Go On A Date.

Fete De La Musique, 2019

What started as a cloudy evening with threats of rain didn’t stop revelers from turning up at the National Theater upper gardens to celebrate music at the Fete De La Musique organized by Alliance Francaise Kampala as they celebrated 30 years of existence. It was time to jam, party and catch up on the weekend … Continue reading Fete De La Musique, 2019