Day 16 Of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021. My Favorite Fashion Accessories.

Admittedly, I am not so much of a fashion forward person though I endeavor to dress appropriately for a specific occasion as a sign of respect. However, I believe that a person must have almost every piece of fashion in their closet because at any one time a particular occasion may come up & one needs to be fashionably ready for it.

However, there are specific items that I got accustomed to (especially during my dancing & media days) & feel they must always be there. Starting from head to toe, these are.

Flat caps (Baseballs)

When I used to dance, these were part of a uniform for dance sessions. Who is a breakdancer without his flat cap?

Shades (Stunners)

I always like to have my eyes covered. Not that I am a bad guy (though I am) but yes, shades just give that chance to see life around me without quite giving myself away.


I am not particular with the size & color. It depends on what I am going to do & where. If it’s a dance session, then I like them buggy & if it’s any other business then it can be a slim fit.


Preferably, baseball jumpers. Damn. They give me the power & because I cold weather affects me sometimes, I usually endeavor to have a jumper in my bag.

Jeans, khakis & shorts

Focus on the shorts.

I love my jeans…and khaki pants for the corporate look. shorts when I am lazing around or ripping the dancefloor apart.


You can’t be a dancer rocking dress shoes. That’s where sneakers come in. Comfy, flexible & beautiful to look at.

But these days I am in the formal sector. I sit behind the desk so my fashion switched up. I am a guy of slim-fit khakis & button shirts. The street style is for the weekends and day-offs.

8 thoughts on “Day 16 Of The Afrobloggers #Winterabc2021. My Favorite Fashion Accessories.

  1. Well, that’s one awkward🤦🏾‍♂️ reason I’ve seen for wearing shades. 😆😆 and the packs, just a regular workout and things start falling in place.


  2. I have quite a number of shades which I only wear on funerals😂😂😂.

    Hahaha haha so you think we won’t focus on some packs hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

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