(A) Love Like This

Did you find it; the love you were looking for? A heart matters mystery. Like, what lies beneath the waterfall? Or beneath your beautiful, Emelie Sande.

Damn baby, you’re beautiful. A queen through the making. And a king that you’ve made me. Mankind calls that royalty.

Poured forth from a king’s heart, flowing at your feet like the rich oils of Arabia. Or the bright stones. You can call that gold. Or diamonds, shine bright like what Rihanna said. Baby, I ain’t giving you scraps for the kind of love you deserve. I will try to give it all because you are heaven-sent. A love you so deserve. A love like this. Sean Kingstone sang.

You, on a pedestal, a mortal turned goddess, worshipped like your love is holy. Like what Justine Bieber and Chance the Rapper sang. Seen from afar like a city on a hill. Girl, your beauty is magnificent.

Daily blessed with acts of love like jewels, your lover paying obeisance’s before you because you are royalty.

Did you find it? A love you deserve? A love like this?

Remixed from the original post of Ankara and lattes

here’s her site

like this original

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