You Rejected Him, Why Then Should He Continue Being ‘Just A Friend’?

Him, “I want to tell you something, dear, for all this time that I’ve known you, I have fallen for you, I love you.”

Her, “I am so sorry but I can’t be in love with you. I don’t feel the same but I really want us to stay just friends.”

Just about every man who has ever had interests in love has ever faced rejection when they confessed their emotions to one of these daughters of Eve. It’s such a trying moment. However, there is a tendency amongst some women that when she rejects a man, she still expects him to simply go back to being just a friend.

I don’t know how they think but for them, I assume, they think that reversing emotions is as easy as swiping a credit card. Swoosh. Probably because, by refusing to put themselves in our shoes, they’re ignorant to the fact that a man declaring his feelings doesn’t want you to be just a friend but his girlfriend, a wife, his children’s mother, nothing less. He either gets that or he bails out completely because in such situations, it is either it or it’s totally not. Women can’t know how this feels because they (except a very rare few of them) never have the courage to take the first step & confess their feelings to a guy. Chickens just.

Now, my question is, if you say no to a guy’s proposal, then why should he decline back to keeping you around as just a friend? He doesn’t want you for only that & you’re not interested in what he plans to make you in his life so it’s safe to say that the whole friendship is canceled because you’re both not interested in the same thing.

And, why do some women act surprised or mad when the guy decides to abandon the whole friendship after turning him down? Why do you want him to keep around for something he doesn’t want? He wanted you as a better half but you wanted him as just a friend so it’s only fair that he leaves because ya’ll aren’t ready to be on the same page.

8 thoughts on “You Rejected Him, Why Then Should He Continue Being ‘Just A Friend’?

  1. This sounds misogynistic. That means you never valued the relationship outside of the possibility you might sleep with her. Most men’s intentions are not pure like you’re trying to make them sound. Many just waste women’s time without adding anything substantial to her life. If you dump the friendship that means you never thought of anything more than sex. Now you can’t get sex let me look for it elsewhere 🤷🏾‍♀️. But it’s better off for her because women don’t need fake friends anyway.

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    1. Wow. It never crossed my mind about the sexual aspect when I wrote this.
      Anyways, the problesm is, like as I stated, by the fact that women never express their feelings like men, the do not know what it feels like to fall summon all your courage and confess to her about what you feel for her only for her to turn you down. Now you have yo unwind all these emotions to factory settings. Sometimes it’s better you simply walk away frim akll of it becasue as youre there back to being her friend, you’ll have to bare seeing her walk away with another man and you’ll feel like the biggest failure. You’ll feel like you too would’ve made her happy or more but you failled. when does “walk away from the things that dont seem to work” apply or in this situation it doesn’t count?

      Why do women think that every man wants to get into her pants? What a generalisation. Just because I walked away doesn’t mean that I wanted to get into your pants? It means that I am going to deal with my loss.

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      1. I know. I’ve asked out a guy and got rejected. Rejection is a part of life we need to learn in order to mature. How the rejection is handled determines whether we can still be friends. Some guys are vicious with their rejections and make fun of a girl for asking out a guy, there there’s no more friendship. But if tells me “Sorry I don’t feel the same” then yes I’ll be hurt but life goes on and we can still be friends.

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        1. I am actually friends with al of my ex’s minus one simply because we agreed to disagree. For those that have turned me down, I simply go silent and swallow the rejection because you rekectign me doesn’t mean that my feelings for you have stopped. They will always be there but since you don’t feel the same for me, I simply go silent and we both save ourselves the unnecessary drama. I have always been against guys who go violent against girls who reject them. It’s a pity. About girls making moves? I am totally ok with it. You’re right on so many fronts.

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  2. I think you stating with certainty that women are ignorant about men’s intentions, is ignorance in itself. Which begs the question, do you think women do not have feelings? Just because she can’t reciprocate the said feelings doesn’t mean she’s clueless. You’re not what she wants/needs and that’s it. And I’d like to also mention that, if a person prefers you as a friend, rather than a lover but you prefer otherwise and decide to throw away a friendship because you can’t take no for an answer, then that’s just pathetic Unless if maybe said romantic feelings are what’s keeping you away, but if not. Who is the chicken now? Also you need to know that, not every advance is supposed to have a positive reception. Some friendships are better left at that and if you can’t take no for an answer, then don’t throw all the blame on the woman who is clearly trying to perhaps save the little friendship that’s left. You mentioned, why you dont understand why women get mad when a friendship is thrown away because of something they didn’t expect to happen, it’s because it hurts. If the person was a dear friend, it sure as hell hurts. I would also like to stress that, if two people can’t be friends after the confession, it’s also okay. As long as you both come to a mutual understanding.

    I’m sorry this was long!

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    1. “Probably because, by refusing to put themselves in our shoes, they’re ignorant to the fact that a man declaring his feelings doesn’t want you to be just a friend but his girlfriend, a wife, his children’s mother, nothing less.”
      I did’nt state it a a fact, Using Probably means that it’s uncertain. I am not pinning women for not having feelings but I think by simply walking away is actually to respect her feekings and decision. Something like agreeing to disagree. Others when ejected, they turn into stalkers, rapists, serial killers etc but walking away from it all simply means that ‘ok, I am not the one she wants so lemme leave for her next best person to come take over.’ It doesn’t mean that I have marked her as an enemy so yes, nit every advance will turn out positive and it’s true, some friendships are better left at that. Let me ask, why does it hurt when a man, who has been your friend wants to make you his wife? Don’t relationships start from being just friends to being lovers?
      It’s ok for having been long.


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