Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC. #2; Main Goal Of My site.

I have no right to judge people because definitely I am one of the most imperfect people you’ll ever meet… otherwise I should be judging myself for failing to get time to make the it to the #WinterBloggingChallenge on time. Never the less, here’s what my site is about.

Because of the imperfections I have, the mistakes I’ve made and the pain I’ve lived through plus the lessons learnt, (also relating to others I’ve met along the walks of life) I’ve decided to use the blogging powers vested in me to give people an advance in the ray of hope so that they are susceptible to less mistakes in their love & sex, relationships & social well being (depression, events, poetry etc. ) because I know what it feels like to live a broken, self-defeating, regrettable life. A life of “If only I knew.”

I love seeing people smile, love genuinely & living peacefully amongst themselves. That’s why I’ll be up on my medias preaching all the time. Nagging you with stories of pain & triumph so that one or two can draw inspiration from there. Stories I’ve read & heard about, stories people have confided in me with as well as personal accounts but with my personal view on the matter thus leaving the reader with the power to make their own judgment and decision basing on their own conscience.

Just like in the movies, how people are looking for a super hero to believe in & so is real life. Almost everyone is looking for someone to believe in. For something. An inspiration. For a reason to believe or to keep moving. To keep focused. To have faith. 

People are going through a lot & so probably is you.  We all need each other. Our lives are stories for others to learn from. Live them well. #Peace #Love

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