Of Inspirational Speakers’ Dilemma

Has someone ever spoken to you so real you feel like they have been reading the guide of your life first hand? When every word they are speaking pierces you to the core? Usually, it is so deep by the time the encounter is over, you just don’t want to see them ever! A common occurrence for inspiration speakers & that is why people don’t like them. Let me put myself into the same boat, they don’t like us.

It is because most of us are control freaks. Many of us like to always have our will be done. Wired to think that our issues & personal experiences are the best things to draw messages from without taking into consideration that the other person on the receiving end also has their life experiences that might just as well be more grievous than ours have been.

Most people when giving advice don’t let the other to talk. It’s usually because they have issues with being challenged by someone they feel is inferior. The moment the other person starts speaking then they label them being rebellious, poor listeners, self-defenders & such yet the best way to communicate & have your message delivered is to allow a two-way discussion. Sometimes even if as an inspiration speaker you may be right, you have to listen to what the other person has to say instead of calling them names. Since it’s their life that you’re tackling then it is best you listen to what they have to say. Their argument may just as well be the link you need to solve the riddle.

We, Inspiration speakers, should also know that we’re not always right & people are not entitled to live their lives the way the inspirers want nor is it a sure deal that the ideas we have will also work on the other person because people are unique. What works for you may not work for the other.

You’re an inspirer who has a job that earns you like a million on which you can save about two hundred thousand shillings a month & you’re telling someone who earns about four hundred thousand shillings to also save about two hundred thousand shillings. Who are you kidding?

There’s also the mistake made that people think that what inspires them should also be inspire the others. People have different views, hustles, stuff to deal with that may not necessarily role with the kind of people you look up to. It’s best an inspirer understands what this person is going through & then looks for a person who was in that very situation & uses their example to inspire this person. Or maybe someone who did something that got them somewhere & sure this person too can relate.

Then there are those who are just too boring & aggressive. 1, 2 into the jazz & they’re already throwing inspiration vibes around. It gets boring & common. There’s a lot of things to talk about other than discussing someone’s life & looking into what they’re doing wrong. Sometimes we just have to let people mess up a bit so that they learn from it. I know it sounds kinda evil, right?

We must all learn to respect the fact that we all get inspired by different things. If you’re inspired by Bill Gates another person is inspired by Ronaldo or Beyoncé etc. It’s their life & that’s what keeps them going as long as they are not breaking the law. But you find an inspirer seriously rebuking the other over what they like & believe in. Over what one reads, listens to, does on social media & watches on TV just because it is not in not in line with what the inspirer believes in.

I must say the responsibility of being an inspiration speaker is not easy but forcing someone to get inspired is not the best approach. Sometimes it takes time & getting angry when challenged & such doesn’t get the message delivered. People are unique & until you get that, you’ll see people running away from you every time you start throwing your inspiration vibes around.

Sometimes though we might be the help someone needs, we’re not fully 100% the right Messiahs in everyone’s lives.

5 thoughts on “Of Inspirational Speakers’ Dilemma

  1. Conversation worth having….over the years I learned just even amongst friends we are never inspired by the same people…
    So advice should be given as an option not a complete life guide hee.

    Today the term inspiration is rarely used people will coach, mentor etc and it’s preferable as some are Beginning to have actual discussions with people instead of pumping information

    Not many will sign up for inspirational speaker today the demand is on them to step up.

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