We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

We should learn to forgive. Forgetting
may be hard but at least forgiving may be lenient thus we can try. Some people may repeatedly hurt us, do things that push us against the wall or fail to change their ways for the better but we can try to forgive them. We can try to be that human.
It is one of the only ways we can show that we’re God’s people as we claim to be. It’s only human. But they too, our offenders, should know the importance of the need for them to change & create an atmosphere that warrants them to be forgiven.

Forgiving, especially if the offence comes from someone you really had deep attachment to & had created deep memories with is hard to come to terms with but sometimes, sometimes, you may have to try ignoring what was. Push it to the back.
It may not come overnight & just trying to forget what was is itself painful enough but we can only try.

Occasionally, the pain may come back. Maybe through people talking to you about it, the photos, music, movies, hangouts, all sorts of memories you created together will be there but we can try.

It’s all I can say & as well add on what the Bible says that “Judge not & you will not be judged, condemn not & you will not be condemned, forgive & you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37.

There’s a lot of love needed in this world & forgiving may be one way to help heal those wounds.

15 thoughts on “We Should Learn To Forgive…And Let Go.

  1. Forgiveness is not easy, but necessary. I remember there was a time I asked for an apology to someone who hurt me. Instead of waiting to be apologized to, I went ahead and asked for forgiveness because I was protecting my heart. I knew keeping the issue the way it was would cost me my peace. I think we should all come to that where we ask for forgiveness to people who have wronged us. It sounds impossible but it’s necessary and beneficial for peace and harmony amongst people.


  2. Forgiveness can be hard but it is an important part of moving on. I have learned that the sooner you forgive the sooner you can get on with living a happier life. It’s not always easy but it’s so worth it.

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