Man Eateth Where He Investeth. Communism Ended, In Came Capitalism


So many girls these days have asked, “Is there any guy that can take you out or give you money without asking for sex?”

It is a very common question and provides the backbone for today’s article.

Yes, we are there, we are the least in today’s world. In fact, you may need a microscope to fish us out. Why? Because the world has changed. Because the world has moved away from communism. Society, people are no longer for “for us all” but each for themselves.

I remember the days when our parents and their parents (our grandparents) would tell us of their glory days when they would be visited by their elders in their kombis or beetles, Volkswagens or 504s and taken to their homes for holidays. Goats, chickens and cows were slaughtered for the visitors. They claim of how their parents were always in love with each other. Blood was thicker.  When children were raised as a village. When if a kid did mischief somewhere, it would either receive a beating there and then or get reported back home and the parents would (usually) extend with the disciplining, It was always assured.

Then came our elder siblings and their hustle stories of how they would trek through the streets of Kampala. Hungry, thirsty, rugged and sun scorched just to go to their uncle’s or aunties’ shops and offices and were given transport or lunch money with big smiles and promises for more the next time. They would claim of how they were passing through the neighborhood and decided to drop by to say ‘hi’. Opportunistic little bastards. These people always spoke of the old days with admiration, love and pride. Those days when things were given freely. Strings attached? Hardly heard of.

Those days when relatives would get or second you for a job opportunity without making you go through all the hustle of bench marking or asking themselves why you do not attend the same church with them or anything personally incriminating. It was always that. Free and no worries of how you were going to pay them back because they always did it from their heart or for the family.

But now we are in the 2000s. Millennials. All that has changed. There is hardly any relative to run to when we need transport in town. Unless you make an appointment with any one, there is no way you are going to walk your sweat soaked morphology into anyone’s office mbu you were passing by and decided to check in. It all stopped. Times are tough.

Everyone at this moment seems to have moved on from that together for all system. Everyone now is taking care of their business. People are no longer putting money where they are not getting gains from. Probably because, the resources are few and the population is just too much. Competition is real. Probably because, there is no longer time to waste. I do not know but that is it. I think.

Everyone wants to direct resources where they will be benefitting. Guys no longer see it worth as to why a woman would chew his money over lunch or dinner dates, foot for her her rent, buy her nice gifts, do her school work, chauffer her around and all that just for hugs, thank yous and handshakes. The sake of ‘just for just.’ Pshh. C’mon.

For this kind of scenario, I do to know where it originated from but my assumption is that the women brought it on themselves. Many of them simply ate so much of the guys’ money and after sometime they disappeared. Poof! Without a trace. They simply got tired of the guy and decided to get lost. Just like that. Mr. nice guy dumped just like that. What about the stuff he had ‘injected’ in her? Also gone just like that. Loss.

And I think that explains for the rest of the other mentioned situations. People were connected to jobs and all but soon as they got there, they disappeared, started acting up, some underperformed, never stepped up to help those who helped them in their time of need. The world just got fed up. Giving a pass to someone you know has become tricky. People are un appreciative out there. Frienemies, it is what they are called nowadays. It takes real love, blood or religious conviction to throw passes otherwise, what are the result of all the help thrown around when it largely goes unnoticed or when there are those that would really show gratitude?


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