Embrace Your Jealousy

Believe it or not, we’re naturally wired to feel a bit of jealousy in the face of some other people’s glory. Unless of course if you’ve already reached that cosmic religious realm where your feelings are not of the world. But back to normal humans, like in a case where your peer is doing something that you have also wanted to do but it hasn’t clicked quite yet for you as you want it. Well, man is not immune to sinning. Reason for the commandments but then a little envy never hurt no body if at all one channels that feeling to positively better themselves.

Some may be travelling the world, others wedding, birthing, running projects or putting up a crazy villa blah blah blah & this all getting to your head. Strategizing & re-strategizing trying to figure your bearing in life. Questioning whether the gods have ever been on your side? Are they using you for a poverty case study on earth?  Social media isn’t helping at all either for many have used it to portray a life they aren’t living. All their apparent success is flooding your timeline yet some simply walk into a building & strategically take pictures, post them up & portray a master life.

All this should not get to your head. Just try to channel that energy to bettering yourself. You don’t need to drag yourself into unwanted battles of comparison with others. Work on your time, on yourself. None of these people brought you to the world to start demanding accountability from you about your life.

“If you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.”

Just step out & get doing. Channel all that into an inspiration, a mission & get to work. Remember, we all can’t have everything at the same time. Today they do, tomorrow you’ll do. Some are privileged to get them freely but imagine the joy of you working to get them from your own sweat at the end of the day. Champion.

Take joy in what you already have because there’re those who have no idea of how to get even the little you have. That which you’re taking for granted. Stay woke.

7 thoughts on “Embrace Your Jealousy

  1. I was talking about jealousy with someone this week, about how sometimes we resent people we love simply because they are confident enough to be themselves but out of jealousy we resent them. This post was a nice reminder and this quote
    “If you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.” stood out for me. Great post xx

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