Why Make Love Wait?

Things come & go always & death is no exception. A chief custodian of gloom. Then there is the aspect of time. Never stops running. The gravity to our eventual expiry. Amongst All this mayhem, there is nothing as sad as running out of time before letting something off of your chest. The most heartbreaking part is losing someone before you either settle a score with them or letting them know how you felt about them. Especially if it’s about love or care.

Now, if you have a lover or someone you have a crush on, why not take a moment & tell them, from your heart’s depth how much you miss them or greatly, you love them. For just, God forbid, if they went away, you wouldn’t have to regret over how you’d have missed telling them how you felt…hello to remorse.

It’s like when you lose money & then remorse over yourself why you hadn’t used it for something that you’d previously thought about but then it’s gone & regrets aren’t to bring back nothing.

Show love to what you have today so that you don’t start wishing that you had done so when it was still around. Reach out & tell someone who’s set your heart on fire that you love them so that they know before they embark on a mission of finding someone who’ll tell them every day just because you failed to play that simple part that costs nothing but only true love.

Make them feel special, thought of, cherished, treasured & loved at every opportunity.

Sometimes we cry over things that we let pass us by & usually look for a cocktail of things to take the blame.

But, why make love wait, why make moments wait, why regret over something you could & should’ve done? Go & tell them how you love them. Tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed but today is here, so why are we letting it pass us by like we never lived.

10 thoughts on “Why Make Love Wait?

  1. This is profound. I think if you shelf love as a feeling, and the time passes, it haunts you. The pain of not having said it when people are gone or out of reach is unbearable.

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