Why girls love bad boys

Have you ever seen this ‘holier-than-though girl’, the kind that wears free fall floral dresses, with flowers in her hair and pump shoes? The kind that holds their books at their chest & drinks only soda, water, or juice? Those who make you think that the moment you talk sex to her she’ll run to the highest member of the church & report your perverted mind? Yes, those ones.

So, often, you get to think that the guy she’s dating is the kind that wears bowties, moccasins & tucked-in shirts sometimes with suspenders & fedora hats. A man that would be reciting Bible verses with them, pray before sex & have church group dinners held at their home every Thursday evening.

This is the idea until you meet the hell of a guy that she’s actually dating. The Bobi & Barbi story, Chameleon & Daniella story. Moze Radio (rip )& Lillian Mbabazi, Kitty & Shadray ‘Kindle’ (now friendly exs). The Bonny & Clyde story, before Clyde was turned.

This scenario always gets people usually asking themselves why girls love bad guys & here is a simple way to tell you why (usually applies to bad guys who got some money);

》A bad guy knows how to spoil/pamper his woman. No woman doesn’t want to be spoiled. And many thugs done gone broke due to this too. Hahaha. You see, the bad guy’s life is usually flashy. The bling, the shoes. The jazz. Almost about everything & he would like his woman to look the part especially amongst his or her peers so he’ll make sure his woman looks and feels like the top of the range.

He’ll thus endeavor to make sure that she’s updated with those fashions & looks that would make people look at them in awe. So as y’all there looking at them in awe about how fire his girl is looking, he’s muttering that silent “Yeah, that’s my girl & I put money right’’ statement. 

》Hang out right. Their kind of dates are usually the unusual type. While the good boys will take you out to the fancy restaurants for suits & dresses dinners & all & the waiters are wearing white gloves while serving you wine, the bad guys will just take you anywhere their free mind thinks & she’ll have a blast. They take evening walks while eating, dance on the street caring not about who sees & every moment out is just pure crazy, fun madness.

》While the clean boys would be cowing under the whims & powers of a woman, deviating from the societal norm that a man should be leader, bad guys would just take it on by the horns & assert dominancy.

Girls love a guy who is/acts tough for they give a sense of protection & knowledge. A guy who knows how to take charge of situations even if it’s seemingly above their ability. Show me a bad guy who don’t act tough. A guy who would stand up & accept that he’s man of the house & lays down the ground rules of how the home/ relationship should go by.

But don’t overdo it bruh, you may one day front your macho & end up getting your ass beat black & blue beyond recognition.

》When it comes to bad guys & making good loving? No comment. They know how to give their girls the best sex she had ever had. The foreplay is always on point & hitting the mysterious G-spot & making her wet is top-notch. This situation has had many girls enslaved in such relationships because of what is called dickmatization. A situation where a girl can’t leave the man because she thinks he has the best sex & that is what they call a devil dick.

》These days, their sense of fashion is always on point. That fly kick you see your favorite star rocking or those pants/ suites cool guys dripping be rocking. He got them. Clothes just look nice when he puts them on. The walk has a swagger, the hairstyle is sleek, the wristwatch is a brand & the idiot smells nice. Cologne.

》Many of them didn’t grow up with so much around them so it would be usually hard to get a girl that would love them for real no gimmicks but when he does, he makes sure she doesn’t have to go through that pain no more so he would try to make her life heaven on earth. He’ll spoil her with love & gifts & try to bring her the stars if he fails to get the moon.

》Unlike the cool guys’ circles where everyone is about their business even if when they’re hanging out, bad guys have very fun-to-hang-with cliques. Their people will always try to make you blend in & have a good time with them. They will tell all the crazy jokes till you laugh so hard that your cheekbones start hurting. This is because he in most cases had already told them about you & how you make him feel so they’ll call you their wife & go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable & queenly as possible, that is if they like you anyway.

》Bad guys know the right words to say depending on the situation. If the girl wants compliments, that’s a bad guy’s hobby, if he hurts her or she’s hurt, he knows the right words to bring that smile back. Tell a girl the right words & you’ll have her attention for a very long time.

But despite all that, most girls love a guy who is a leader, strong, clear-headed, witty, provider, sex god, decisive with a parental element.

18 thoughts on “Why girls love bad boys

    1. It depends on the type of bad boy. There are those that are the commitment type. They do all the ‘bad things’ to the girl they love and hopefully you’ve noticed, the listed characters are are not toxic so if used right, they can make a colorful relationship.
      Relationship survival also depends on how you relate with someone. You can get a good boy but the he has certain traits that are far worse than a bad boys and you can’t keep up with him. He could be a cheat, poor sex, etc.


  1. I’m personally not attracted to ‘bad boys’, I don’t know many women who are to be honest… Although I think a lot of stereotypical ‘bad boys’ probably aren’t that bad when you get to know them, as are the people who choose to be with them.

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    1. True, some times people aren’t ‘bad’ as we may believe so but there are bad boys who do everything right, you just can’t get enough of them.


  2. Owooww…
    No I know the reason why my campus girl left me even when I could provide and I had proffessed my love😭😭😭
    This bad boys have the game on point

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  3. Spot on!
    But I think the narrative about Christian guys is taking another dimension as most of them are upping their game and becoming more intentional as the wise ones still abstain from sex.
    Lovely piece!

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