Winter Blogging Challenge. Winter ABC. #4; Becoming Shadray.

I was born in 1991 on January the 17th to Mr. Mutyaba and Ms. Nakanjako Christine on a Wednesday at 8 p.m. At birth I was named Magala Julian but later at baptism I was given Kinene Marvin Nathaniel. I am a Protestant Christian, a Muganda of Lugave (pangolin). I was raised at my paternal grandparents’ home as a result of young love between my parents. They had no clue of how to raise up a child so they left me under my grandmother’s care (R.I.P) until I was grown up a little and my paternal aunt took me in under her care. I have four siblings two brothers both born of my mother and two sisters born of my father.

For this part, I am mainly going to focus on my journey in the creative industry and so as you settle down on your device, here we go;


When I was living with my grandmother, & around 95’ we used to watch on a black ‘n white TV a program on UTV called Music Africa by Makamazibu (R.I.P) which used to play the dominant music then, Lingala & I was an ardent fan of Kanda Bongoman & would dance kwasakwasa. She used to tell me to get up & show her some moves. From there I moved to my aunt’s around ’97 & got introduced to the western dance culture with dancers like Michael Jackson (R.I.P), Genuine, Usher & Sisco. Mostly their music was played at night, just when it was my bed time but I’d peep through door hinges & then try to do what I’d seen, mostly Michael Jackson’s & with Sisco, I mostly enjoyed his dance show, ‘Sisco Dance House’ which gave me the love for dance battles & a bit-o-b.boy.

2001, I joined Buganda Road Primary School, P.4  and in P.6 I met a group of classmates who made beats on desks & as we danced along till P.7 when I started added a bit of dancehall. It’s around that time when seen Paul dropped the Dutty Rock Album.

 The Ultimate Squad; 2005, I joined secondary at Wampeewo Ntakke S.S.S where one day during the winning house party, I got my own spot & gave the kids my best freestyle. That was my official entry into the dance world…because there was a girl I wanted to impress anyway. Not so long after, I my primary school O.B, Hassans joined the same school & with him, we rep’d for our class, S.2 R & called us ‘Tha S.2 Red Dance Force’. Another hommie got in, Joe & later we formed Tha Ultimate Squad.

We embarked on changing the entertainment scene of the school. We were a versatile crew but after watching the movie You Got Served, some of us took a more keen interest in break dance & b.boy.

The Refined Dancers; 2008, I started my dance journey with The Refined Dancers, the official dance group for The Refiners Fire Tabernacle, Wampeewo, Gayaza Rd. I joined them in 2009 as a trainer with the help of other Ultimate Squad members. It was supposed to be one song ‘Ganjaman’ by Exodus but after a week of a not so organized rehearsal, I was requested to perform it with them & that marked the beginning of my journey with them.

We continued doing other tracks, took it on as a real job (I signed a contract for it.) Training went on & we went on harder & as we registered remarkable success. We started being invited to perform outside our church, went places & backed up artists like Phiona Mukasa, Seku Martin, S4J, Coopy Bly.

Break Out Uganda; Later, because I was more into break dance & b.boy, I created another crew that specialized mainly in that and thus the birth of Break Out Uganda where I held free dance classes for guys along Gayaza Road. It was a great time and I usually posted our stuff on Facebook. One day in 2013, I received a phone call from someone who wanted me on his TV show as a dance choreographer because had impressed with my works on Facebook and that guy turned out to be Denzel of Urban TV & with him we hosted the show House Party. That ushered me into the world of TV.

My name is Kinene Marvin Netherneal aka Shadray, a high school thing that stuck. A former battle style dancer (The Ultimate Squad, The Refined Dancers & Team Break Out Uganda), something that didn’t quite go well with my old folks in the beginning because to them, a guy head spinning, twisting & doing all those B. Boy flips was thought to be under the influence of something illegal. Gosh, it took some time to get them to be okay with it but the day I appeared on a poster in the neighborhood & then got a TV gig for it is the day they surrendered. I mean, they were now living with a celebrity in the house, yo!) A former television presenter for (Urban TV, Life TV, Bukalango TV) marketing & media handler at Paple Rayn Fashion Uganda now settled at Greenhill Academy (office clerk).


After running the show on Urban TV with my Ultimate Squad team, the project ended and Life TV took us on. We helped them join & blend into the party crowds of Kampala with the show Party Time. we organized and directed their other shows, did P.R roles & in our period there, Life TV got nominated among the best five new television channels of 2015 in the Radio and Television Awards 2015. However, company politics came in & the TV was literally dissolved. From there Bukalango TV came through but I was literary done with upcoming TVs.

Other media projects; I kept around the media as a freelancer & I worked on a number of projects like; Paple Rayn Fashion team as their marketer and for the period I was there I helped in implementing new advertising strategies, looking for clients and maintaining the old clientele, signed up brand ambassadors the most prominent one being Gareth Onyango, handle media or events like developing pressers and media coverage & it’s in that period that we were nominated in 5 categories of the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards, 2015.

I worked on a number of projects mainly as coordinator and media hander like;

  • Paple Rayn Fashion Uganda’s 3rd Year Anniversary Show 2016.
  • Sauti Ya Africa Album Launch 2016.
  • Hellen Lukoma’s Genesis Fashion Concert 2016.
  • Break-Fast Jam Finals 2019

Writing; I started with writing songs which I later cut short, edited & turned into poems & mini stories because I personally thought they sounded so bad, boring & annoying. I was a committed literature student so it just fueled my passion. My mastery of the English language in my class then, turned me into a favorite of sorts among both fellow students & teachers (Not to forget the crush I got on my literature/English student teacher in Senior 2. She was a young intern but the cute bird was transferred before we could even make a serious move). Yeah, I wished that much.

Writing got so good I even started writing for other students love letters to take to their darlings (Yup. You, the alumni of mine reading this, never know one of the best lines your love might have sent you was written by me & you were there instead praising them). Even all my ex’s did literature so this means reading & writing was a must-to-have character for me to start considering you dating goals.

I started putting my works on Facebook. Trying to open up to the world but one day as I was chilling on my business, I got an emissary from a part of my family with a complaint that I was putting erotic content on line and it may kill my image. Out of anger for these people’s lack of respect for my art and stepping over that part of my boundary, I shifted my craft to another platform and that was how I joined WordPress.

I love music. It’s a drug, food, travel (though I rarely do so for my pockets don’t want to hear such stories), love itself (intense), dance (I am one myself, when the mood is right), music (EDM, soft rock & old school till about 2017 though I’ll never pick up the mic) Manchester United, Real Madrid & lately, Juventus.

I like listening to music (occasionally), watching movies & documentaries & will usually pull out something to write down what has tickled my mind. It could be a line in a song, movie or a piece of literature. I then need good music & or a good photo (Especially about landscape, the sea, stars. Abstract paintings. Pictures of people who aren’t really aware of the camera’s presence.) These help to bring out the deep emotions in me that put the right words in my mind to describe how I feel & thus end up writing something good. (The three emotions being; extreme anger, fear & happiness.)

I am a believer that trust needs to be earned, judgment is easily given. I believe & advocate that people should love when they feel it is right, love only one, love jealously & genuinely, love without holding back & love given should be love returned otherwise, it is evil leading someone on if you are not going to love them. People should be considerate, patient & understanding & much as it’s important for people to love with their hearts, they should as well give power to their brains in the process of choosing a partner.

Because I am a person who can best express myself through writing, I draw my inspiration from many fields of life that affect how we live & perceive things. Stories of my personal experiences. Stories people tell me of their lives. Deep stuff. I turn them into my narrative. Third persona usually. Morgan Freeman style & then use them to preach to others that are facing similar situations. In an inspirational or correctional point of view. You can check me out here & the hot

This has made me more of a versatile creative writer who isn’t bound to one topic as I have proven ability to write about love, education, events, intimacy, motivation & inspiration & much more in a rather laid back style. A light, none assertive style yet powerful enough to leave an impression on a reader’s mind.

I hope to one day write for a magazine, website or newspaper & also through my works, become a great speaker & an inspiration to other writers, lovers, readers, the tired & nearly giving ups, the heart broken & myself. If I could get the opportunity of speaking my works to audiences, I will have made it in life. Currently, I am also helping teach other people how to become writers.

Welcome to my world. It’s not that fancy, I am afraid, but it works for me. Find a seat please & make yourself comfortable. And try to be a lil quiet.

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