May We …

May our hearts never change when we fall in love with someone. May they stay true, pure & excited as we met them first. May they not waver, stumble nor sway in times of lack & faced with seduction from external forces. May our souls not fall to lust. May our eyes keep glued to that one person they saw all the beauty in.

May we never break the promises we make when in the sweetest moments of love. Ride or die. May we not set bad examples to the art of love. Why should we make others curse it? When it’s post to be a blessing. Oh baby, love gets me wilding.

May we never elevate people’s spirits & then disappear & leave them hanging. Ghost. May we never be a source of someone’s depression. Tears of broken heart. Suicide. May we never make people question the beauty & authenticity of love.

May we be the reason for someone to believe in love. Priceless.
May we be….like love itself.

Inspired by the song; Love me – Zayn Malick ft. Kygo

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