What Type Of Friends We Really Need

If there is no one in our circles who criticizes us for some of the moves we make then we definitely need a new set of friends or family.

Sometimes we tend to keep silent when our friends are going astray just because we want to keep the friendship as we fear the other person may get mad & cut off ties with us just because we came up to them with some knock-out truths. But is that really being a friend?

Sometimes when you’re on your way to some destruction, some people, out of fear of pissing you off & rubbing off the wrong way will tell you to follow your heart. Ate oba munange, they fear you may overreact & start calling people haters & dream killers but when things backfire on you, they’ll be out there in their cocoons discussing your ish about what a miscalculating, unfortunate fellow you are.

While at the same time you will also be out there fearing to tell them that life went sour because you fear the embarrassment & ridicule that comes with being a self-centered human who’s just been served a hard dish. #karma.

It is human nature for us to hate hearing stuff that brings out the guilt conscience in us thus man tends to side with only those that will sugar coat their feelings & friendship, but is it the right character?

Many a time, one haphazardly thought about choice right now can cause a permanent regrettable occurrence in the future. Man is not an island, let us advise our friends when we can & let us as well listen to all versions of the story before making our final decisions.

Much as the decisions we make are largely for our own benefit, it is still these friends that we will need when the decisions we made backfire on us. Imagine shunning all these people out in your egoistic pursuits & then running back to them the moment things go ape-shit. You wouldn’t want to end up as one classic example of people who made self-centered bad choices & then remembered their friends after, do you? What a reputation right there.

12 thoughts on “What Type Of Friends We Really Need

  1. Its because I love you very much that I should tell you the truth not watch you drown as I hold you with fingertips hoping I won’t tip over with you.

    Thank you for this

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  2. If you are a good friend you will tell your friend the truth and not do whatever they want even when you are not in agreement. Stand your ground, and no to keeping up appearances!

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  3. Truth tellers for friends are what we need in life I we’re to get somewhere. I’ve noticed too tha the reason why it’s hard to tell the truth is they would have done something that made you feel embarrassed for them, and sometimes wonder if they will get over hearing that from the next person. Thank you for the reminder that we need to be ready to hear the truth whether it’s bad or not, and as friends we should be more willing to tell our friends were they’re not doing it right.

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