Pandemic Relationship

I want to fall in love in this corona period. I know it will be a bit weird. Awkward at best to kindle love when the world is crushing around us but if that is the only thing left for me to do then I’d love it to happen. I want to fall in love during this corona period. So that by the time the world ends, it’ll be beautiful to me & in case the pandemic consumes our mortal souls, I’ll have a beautiful tale to tell the heavenly bodies.

Fall in love with me in this chaos so that we could online chat about so many things. Work. Personallives. About our relationships or rather, our past relationships. Our fears. Past mistakes.
Open new chapters about us through our DMs. I want to virtually create something real with you.Virtual reality. Talk about a future that may never happen, fantasize on the day we’ll meet when the lockdown is lifted & what we’ll do as we forge ahead & when we would look back at the crap we chatted about when it turns out otherwise. Hopefully.

Let’s fall in love in this corona period. Build up all these emotions that we’re sitting on. Waking up with my hope in you. That all is well if I find you on line each new day, alive. Painting all this pandemic anxiety red with love. What is even the universal colour of anxiety? I don’t care because I want to live for the day that I’ll be with you after all this has passed. This, what I want to create, should be the driving hope through all this mayhem. Maybe to be online fossils to the survivors when they hack into our chats & see what we were feeling for & about each other.

I want to fall in love in this period with someone’s daughter. Build up all these emotions & feelings to end up being involved with someone I won’t have to fight for with someone else when this storm finally
passes. With someone who won’t have to choose someone else over me…eventually. Settle down to make a family. Tell others that we fell in love on line & maybe Hollywood will pick the story and immortalize us.

It was inspired by the love scenes in the movie; All The Bright Places (25:30 – 29:15). A movie dedicated to those that have been impacted by mental health concerns, suicide or grief.

If you do not tell the truth about yourself then you cannot tell it about other people.” Virginia Woolf

I feel a 1000 capacities spring up in me.” The Waves

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